Why I became a Chiropractor

I became a chiropractor following my career as a Navy  S.E.A.L. due to my  continued  desire to help people.  Although I am no longer implementing Hostage  Rescue, I  still want to help  people rescue  their own  health.  I was shot multiple times in a horrific battle. As a result of  this injury, I altered the way I walked to compensate for structural deviations. This subsequently produced severe low back and neck pain and insomnia. A friend suggested I go to a Chiropractor. Being stubborn, I resisted, but the pain increased and I finally agreed to go. After a few Chiropractic adjustments I had no low back or neck pain and could sleep through the night.

Dr. Wasdin with Dr. Hulse who supervised his internship. 

Dr Wasdin with patient

Upon getting out of the military I was depressed and longed for the job satisfaction I once had. Going to Chiropractic College helped me find that satisfaction. Nothing is more rewarding for me than to see a patient get relief from pain or to increase his/her level of wellness.

God Bless; and I look forward to serving you.                         

-Dr. Howard Wasdin D.C


Doctor of Chiropractic - Life University, Marietta Georgia, 2009
Honors:Cum Laude
                 Clinical Excellence Award

Bachelor of Science in Biology - Life University, Marietta Georgia, 2007
Honors:Cum Laude

To contact Dr Wasdin regarding his chiropractic practice please go to  http://www.ap-chiro.com